About how we open a tire workshop.

About a year ago we decided to expand our business – we opened a tire fitting shop. This idea was born in the process of our joint work. We regularly “drove” our cars to other workshops. And in order not to pay a lot of money for repairs, they created their own tire repair shop.

First, of course, we studied the demand for this service in our region. As a result, they came to the conclusion that it is quite in demand, and there are not that many places where it is provided. In addition, we decided that we will serve not only cars, but also trucks, as well as special equipment. Thus, we have reduced our list of competitors.

Expected to spend much less

The first thing was to find a suitable room. We needed not just boxes for repairing cars, we also needed a large area in front of them: we planned to repair large cars. Soon we found a suitable option. For renting the premises we pay 500 dollars a month.

On equipment workshop took almost 30 thousand dollars, although initially expected to spend at times less. But, as often happens, the purchase of a single device entails the need to purchase some additional devices.

We initially decided not to get involved with loans. We invested our own money in the business, which by that time had time to make money on cargo transportation. http://glaloans.com/direct-deposit.html
although it was considered as a source of very fast money, if there was an unexpected lack of money in it

When we first opened, the question arose: where to find customers and how to attract them to us? We chose the simplest option – we sat in a car with a partner and drove in different directions of the district to “tell about ourselves”. First of all, of course, we relied on our potential customers – agricultural organizations and enterprises that have trucks and special equipment in the fleet. Gradually, such trips began to bear fruit. Now practically all agricultural enterprises in our region cooperate with us, sometimes special equipment even comes from neighboring areas.

The first few months we worked “to zero.” Now our car service makes a profit, but the moment when we can return all the money invested in it is still very far away.
They gave themselves the installation – to take on any job.

Working with trucks is much more difficult than with cars. At first, sometimes it happened that they brought a car with a broken wheel to us and said that it was necessary to repair it by morning, and we had no idea how and what to do. But since from the very beginning they gave themselves an installation – they did not refuse to undertake any work, they did not refuse from one order. It happened that after the client left, we sat down and searched the Internet for tips on how to fix this or that damage.

Gradually gained experience and now we eliminate any defects with ease, learned how to repair and change wheels of any size and for any equipment.