My business The owner of the car wash told how he started his business.

I graduated from the Economics and Law College and got a job as a dispatcher in one of the private companies. And somehow, I quickly realized that working for someone was not a good idea. An employee can never earn as much as he wants. He will always earn as much as his employer will be willing to pay.

I was well aware that my own business involves more responsibility. Moreover, a positive result does not always depend only on yourself. You can do everything correctly, invest money and energy in the development of your business, but there will be no profit.

Nobody borrowed money

I saw my business only in the automotive field. Cars attracted me from my youth.

At first, I spent a short time selling used spare parts. The income was not bad, but in this case there were shortcomings with which it was difficult for me to put up. These are dirty clothes, and hands are constantly in fuel oil. Therefore, I began to think how to combine my two passions – cars and cleanliness. The choice was obvious – open the car wash.

In total, it took about 5 thousand dollars to start a business. I did not borrow money from anyone – not from my relatives or from banks. Enough savings that accumulated from the sale of auto parts.

A year and a half he washed cars

I am the owner of a car wash for two years. During this time, I learned all the problems and difficulties that arise when you work for yourself. The equipment failed – you need to pay for its repair from your pocket. 500 dollars is the maximum amount I have ever paid for new parts.

Another difficulty is the search for workers. The frame turnover is endless. The reasons for this are incomprehensible to me. The first one and a half years after the opening of the car wash, I washed the cars myself, so I know perfectly well that there is nothing complicated about it. I personally was much more unpleasant about messing with dirty parts.

The plans – a room for a car wash

For now it’s hard for me to say whether owning a car wash can be called a profitable business. There are months when you generally work “to zero”, and sometimes you manage to make good money. While my maximum is 2 thousand dollars. The bulk of this money I spent on redecorating the car wash, buying new and higher quality car chemicals.

Plans for the future – to develop further. The main goal – the acquisition or construction of its own premises under the car wash.